“Shiki” Fisher Inn (Guesthouse)


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“Shiki” Fisher Inn (Guesthouse)


“Shiki” Fisher Inn (Guesthouse)

This guesthouse is located in the nationwide popular fishing area of Miura. The surrounding sea and mountains provide an abundance of touristic activities like tours with a fishing boat or gathering of stag beetles. Accommodations for an overnight stay are also available.

Basic information

address 3221,Miuranishi,UwajimaCity
business hours check-in time from 16:00 , check-out time 10:00
parking space available free
admission fee [Rates (stay with half board)] Adults (junior high school students or older) 7000 yen Children (elementary school, 4-6 grade) 5000 yen Children (elementary school, 1-3 grade) 3000 yen Children (kindergarten or younger) 2000 yen