Fisher-Inn Yūmin


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Fisher-Inn Yūmin


Fisher-Inn Yūmin

Situated at the ria coast, full of fish and pearl farming rafts the guesthouse offers many pearl related activities, from pearl harvesting to accessories making. A perfect spot to enjoy the Uwakai sea.

Basic information

address 995-3,Hiraura,UwajimaCity
business hours check-in time from 15:00 , check-out time 10:00
closed 10th of May to end of June, Obon (8.13-8.15), New Year’s holiday
parking space available free 2
admission fee [Rates (stay with half board)] Adults (junior high school students or older) 7000 yen Children (elementary school students) 5000 yen Children (5 years or younger) 3500 yen Children (younger than 3 years) Free [Activity fee] Confirmation required