Azechi Umetaro Memorial Art Gallery


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Azechi Umetaro Memorial Art Gallery


Azechi Umetaro Memorial Art Gallery

The art gallery shows a collection of about 300 works by Mima born artist Azechi Umetaro. The exhibitions introduces you to the artists life and his multi-colored woodcut working techniques. In a reproduction of Umetaro’s studio, you will be able to comprehend the artists working process.

Basic information

address 180-1,Muden,Mimacho,UwajimaCity
business hours 9:00-17:00
closed Tuesday (except for National Holidays on Tuesday, in which case it is open on the holiday and closed the following day instead), New Year’s holiday (12.29-1.3) ※ Please enquire for more information
parking space available free 104 (standard-sized cars) / 12 (heavy vehicles) / 4 (disabled parking bays)
admission fee [Admission fees] Adults 300 yen Adults (university or senior high school students) 200 yen Children (junior high school students or younger) Free ※ Group discount: (20 or more people) ※ Adults: 200 yen per person. ※ University / Senior High School students: 100 yen per person. ※ Seniors aged 65 and over: 200 yen per person. ※ Persons with a disability certificate: Free (includes free entry for plus one individual / care giver)