Iseki Kunisaburo Memorial Hall


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Iseki Kunisaburo Memorial Hall


Iseki Kunisaburo Memorial Hall

The history of “Iseki Co., Ltd." founder Iseki Kunisaburo and the agricultural machinery, he developed are in the center of this exhibition. Kunisaburo’s dream was to "free the people involved in agriculture from harsh labor”.

Basic information

address 180-1,Muden,Mimacho,UwajimaCity
business hours 9:00-17:00
closed Tuesday (except for National Holidays on Tuesday, in which case it is open on the holiday and closed the following day instead), New Year’s holiday (12.29-1.3)
parking space available free 104 (standard-sized cars) / 12 (heavy vehicles) / 4 (disabled parking bays)
admission fee [Admission fees] Adults: 300 yen. Senior High School / University students: 200 yen. Children: (Junior High School students or younger), Free. Seniors: (65 years or over), 150 yen. Physical disability certificate owners: 150 yen. ※ Group discounts: ※ Adults: (Senior High School students or older), 200 yen per person. ※ Seniors: (65 years or over), 75 yen per person. ※ Physical disability certificate owners: 75 yen per person.