Uwajima City Bullfighting Arena


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Uwajima City Bullfighting Arena


Uwajima City Bullfighting Arena

In Japan you rarely will find a dome shaped bullring arena like this. Five times a year bullfighting tournaments take place here. It is a unique folk culture of Uwajima where you can see the clash between bull and bull, unfolding in the arena with 20m diameter.

Basic information

address 496-2,Wareichō,UwajimaCity
business hours [Regular bullfighting tournament] 12:00-14:00 ※ Doors open from 10:00
closed Open 5 times a year for tournaments. ※ Please enquire for more information
parking space available free 200 [during regular bullfighting tournament] ※ else approx. 6
admission fee [Admission fees regular bullfighting tournament] Adults 3000 yen Children (junior high school or younger) Free Group discount: Adults (20 or more people) 2500 yen