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Tanaka Kamaboko


Tanaka Kamaboko

The three principles “traditional, exquisite, local” are the foundation and mission statement of the 1888 established Tanaka Kamaboko. The traditional production process is meticulous in every detail for all our boiled fish-paste products, including the Jakoten and Kamaboko. ※ Jakoten: Speciality of Uwajima made from small fish surimi fried in oil.
※ Kamaboko: Speciality of Uwajima made from flavoured surimi of white fish, kneaded and boiled into a paste.

Basic information

address 1-6-15,Chuocho,UwajimaCity
business hours [Normal Business Hours] 8:00 - 19:00. (※ Thursdays 8:00-17:00) [Demonstration Show Sales] From 10:00 until stocks are no longer available. (※ Closed Thursdays)
closed New Year's Day