Yasuoka Kamaboko (Michinoeki Shop)


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Yasuoka Kamaboko (Michinoeki Shop)


Yasuoka Kamaboko (Michinoeki Shop)

The freshness and quality of the Uwakai sea’s Hotarujako (Acropoma japonicum) is sealed in every of ours handmade Jakoten. We produce and sell also many other boiled fish-paste products like the Kamaboko. ※ Jakoten: Speciality of Uwajima made from small fish surimi fried in oil.
※ Kamaboko: Speciality of Uwajima made from flavoured surimi of white fish, kneaded and boiled into a paste.

Basic information

address 180-1,Muden,Mimacho,UwajimaCity
business hours 9:00-17:00
closed Irregular holidays
parking space available free 104 (standard-sized cars) / 12 (heavy vehicles) / 4 (disabled parking bays)