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Roadside Station Mima


Roadside Station Mima

Roadside Station Mima offers a wider sortiment of local products, ranging from Mima’s speciality the “Mimamai”, over organic and pesticide-free or pesticide-low vegetables harvested early in the morning to other original products only to be found here. Other attractions are a restaurant serving food made with local products, an art gallery and a memorial hall ※ Mimamai is, high-quality rice grown in Mima, Ehime Uwajima

Basic information

address 180-1,Muden,Mimacho,UwajimaCity
business hours [Cosmos hall]9:00-18:00 [Restaurant]9:00-17:00
closed New Year's Day ※Restaurant holidays: The first Tuesday of the month
parking space available free 104 (standard-sized cars) / 12 (heavy vehicles) / 4 (disabled parking bays)
admission fee [Bicycle Rental] Availability: 09:00-18:00 Adults: (Junior High School students or older), 300 yen. Children: (Elementary School or younger), 200 yen Electric-Assisted Bicycles: 500 yen.