Business Hotel Tsurushima


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Business Hotel Tsurushima


Business Hotel Tsurushima

In close distance to Uwajima castle and Uwajima JR station it is very convenient for business, tourist and henro guests. Relax in a massage chair free of charge. ※ henro is a 88 temple pilgrimage associated with Kōbō Daishi, the founder of the Shingon Buddhism.

Basic information

address 5-6-1,Marunouchi,UwajimaCity
business hours check-in time from 16:00 , check-out time 10:00
closed Open throughout the year
parking space available free 7
admission fee [Rates old wing (single room)] 4000 yen [Rates old wing (twin room)] 7600 yen [Rates new wing (single room)] 4500 yen [Rates new wing (twin room)] 8500 yen ※ Tax included