Kinahaiya Sanmangoku (Local Products Center)


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Kinahaiya Sanmangoku (Local Products Center)


Kinahaiya Sanmangoku (Local Products Center)

Citrus fruits, handmade jakoten, tachiuonomakiyaki and other specialities of this area are sold and presented in Yoshida’s Trade and Tourism centre. Throughout the year Yoshida is busy producing and selling various types of citrus fruits.
※ Jakoten is the surimi of small fish fried in oil and a typical speciality of Uwajima
※ Tachiuonomakiyaki is a dish made of hairtail grilled on charcoal fire and wound around a bamboo stick.

Basic information

address 126−2,Nishikoji,Yoshidacho,UwajimaCity
business hours 9:00-18:00
parking space available free 11 (standard-sized cars)