Warei-jinja (Shrine)


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Warei-jinja (Shrine)


Warei-jinja (Shrine)

Nicknamed Wareisama by worshippers, and widely admired as the protector of industry in general and fishing industry in particular, the temple is until today a popular and beloved place. The giant stone Torii, the Otafukumen or Hanadakamen are considered as Japan’s number one and all worth a visit. ※ Torii, is the entrance and division between the secular world of the humans and the Shinto sanctuary. ※ Otafukumen, is the mask of the god of luck and happiness
※ Hanadakamen, mask of the god with a high nose

Basic information

address 1451,Wareichō,UwajimaCity
closed Open throughout the year
parking space available free 15 (standard-sized cars)/ 4 (sightseeing buses)
admission fee free