Taga-jinja Shrine (Dekobokoshindou)


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Taga-jinja Shrine (Dekobokoshindou)


Taga-jinja Shrine (Dekobokoshindou)

Going back to the Jingu empress period it is the oldest shrine in Uwajima. The shrine deity is responsive to prayers for health, pregnancy etc..On the grounds of the Deko Boko Shindo shrine you will also find also a museum displaying thousands of sex related items from around the world.

Basic information

address 1340,Fujie,UwajimaCity
business hours 8:00-17:00
closed Open throughout the year
parking space available free 10
admission fee [Admission fees] Adults 800 yen Group discount: (10-19 people) 750 yen (20-29 people) 700 yen (30-39 people) 650 yen (40-49 people) 600 yen (50-59 people) 550 yen (over 100) 500 yen ※ Entrance for minors prohibited